Financial Advisory Manager


  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Planning


  • Licensed Financial Advisor Representative
  • Associate Financial Planner (AFP®)
  • Associate Specialist in Estate Planning (ASEP®)
  • Certified Islamic Wealth Advisor


Kelvin is our Financial Advisory Manager. From a Relationship Manager to home trader and now an independent financial advisor representative, here is his story.

Beyond Today

Client: Zheng Junfang
Goal: Retirement planning

A Big Family
to Care For

Client: Khoo Kay-Tek
Goal: Retirement planning, estate planning

Chasing Dreams

Client: Olivia Sy Ou Li
Goal: Financial freedom

Getting a
Second Opinion

Client: Yong Chunk Cheun
Goal: Financial planning,
Retirement planning

Making the Transition: Joining the Financial Advisory Industry
Kelvin has dedicated his entire career to professional investments but in numerous different capacities. He was formerly a Relationship Manager at a local bank, taking care of commercial banking clients. That experience allowed him to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills and strengthened his financial expertise.

He later made the leap to become a home trader, using his investment expertise to manage his own portfolio. While he fared well and enjoyed the comfort of working for himself, Kelvin missed the social interaction that came with working with others. To strike a balance, he chose to join the financial advisory industry. Along the way, he discovered a passion for helping others and a deep sense of fulfillment every time he makes a difference in their lives.

Advising and Educating: Imparting Financial Literacy
As an independent financial advisor representative, Kelvin goes the extra mile by educating his clients on the importance of financial planning and the various products available to them. Rather than simply presenting a proposal and encouraging them to sign on the dotted line, he wants them to understand the financial blueprint he has designed for them. To Kelvin, it’s important that they realise how sticking to the plan will benefit them in the long run in order for them to commit wholeheartedly to it.

“When a client understands the rationale behind the planning and that they are contributing to their retirement, not just paying premiums to a provider, they would naturally want to commit to it.”

His promise to his clients is to always deliver unbiased, neutral, and honest advice to help them achieve their financial goals. He strongly believes that with proper financial planning and retirement planning, anyone can achieve financial freedom and have a dignified retirement regardless of the size of their pay cheque.

“Having financial planning is a step-by-step approach to achieving your life goals. It helps prepare you for the next stage. It is an ongoing process that evolves as you progress through life and your priorities change.”

Throughout his financial advisory career, Kelvin has worked with clients from various backgrounds: from legal professionals and business leaders of MNCs to CEOs and self-made business owners.

Realising a Vision: Growing Soul Wealthy
Kelvin helped shaped Soul Wealthy’s philosophy and direction from Day One. He is also involved in the group’s recruitment and always eager to mentor young independent financial advisor representatives.

“To be a part of the Soul Wealthy family, all you need it to have is a pleasant personality. Having a pleasant personality and being good-natured is essential for becoming an outstanding independent financial advisor representative.”

He believes that a successful independent financial advisor representative has self-discipline and good time management, without which it would be easy to fall into periods of unproductivity or end up with a poor work-life balance from overworking. As a self-professed foodie, Kelvin enjoys seeking out good food in-between client meetings — it’s one way, he says, of combining his passions.

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