Why You Should Hire A Financial Advisor

Sound financial advice can be hard to come by. Whether it’s neighbours swearing by a brand new investment or the older generation standing their ground with their ways, it is hard to distinguish what is beneficial. Instead of empty promises, a financial advisor can substantiate their claims by clearly defining the path ahead. This is the foundation on which the best retirement plans in Singapore are built. Beyond that, here’s how a professional can help you on your financial journey.

Knowing Where You Stand

Many people have bank accounts across multiple institutions. As such, it is hard to know where you stand financially. This is amplified especially if you do not have a solid saving or investment plan. A financial advisor will help you to get organized and build a strategy for an early retirement plan. Yet, getting started is only the first step. With their expertise, they can help keep you on track to reaching your saving goals and revise plans when the economy changes.

Getting The Courage To Start Investing

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information online regarding investing. Many get paralyzed by fear and end up avoiding investing altogether. This is detrimental to early retirement planning as time is your best ally.

However, while returns are not guaranteed when investing, the amount lost through inaction is likely to be much higher than the amount you could lose should you invest wisely. Consulting a financial advisor can help you to formulate an investment strategy that is suited to your risk tolerance.

Moving Into A New Chapter In Life

There are certain milestones that mark a turning point in life. One such milestone is marriage. With marriage, you are no longer handling solely your own finances. This can often surface as a touchy subject, especially if your spending habits defer from your spouse. A professional can walk you through which accounts to combine or keep separate, creating a plan that meets both of your needs.

This is doubly important when you decide to have children. You will need to reassess your financial circumstances by reorganizing your cash flow and having saving goals. This allows you to give your child the best possible opportunities in life.

Financial Advisors Maintain A Neutral Stance

When investing, it is easy to get swept away by your emotions. Making impulse buys or panic sells are common among newbie investors. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Human error is inevitable. However, having experience can help cut through the noise. Thankfully, with a financial advisor, they are able to see the big picture. Without caving to emotional distress, these advisors can make sound financial decisions which are uniquely crafted to suit your personal situation. This is especially true when you consider early retirement planning requires foresight to see what lies ahead.

A Guide Through Tough Times

The economy will have its ups and downs. It’s part and parcel of the investment landscape. Yet, when the going gets tough, it is difficult to make level-headed decisions. Many do not have the time to do in-depth research to manage their portfolio. The financial advisor can help take the reins and talk you out of a move that might have a negative impact on your portfolio.

Assisting You In Your Golden Years

Growing old is a blessing. Yet, ageing comes with its drawbacks. For one, as we grow older, our cognitive functions tend to decline. As such, having someone who is able to give the green light to decisions is essential. Financial advisors can also take control of those crucial decisions if you feel as though you no longer have the capacity to do so. Having a financial advisor accompanying you on your financial journey will also allow them to be aware of your current strategy. This allows them to render support that’s specific to you if such a time were to come.

Another reason is in the event of death. If you or your spouse were to pass away, the surviving person must take over their financial situation. Getting early retirement plan advice from a financial advisor allows you to build a relationship between the two parties. As such, your spouse can rest assured knowing that the finances are in good hands.



Since we are not tied to any one financial institution, we have access to a full range of financial instruments and products available to build portfolios for our clients. What sets us apart from the rest is our dedication to providing tailored advice and solutions for our clients. When we create complete financial plans, our clients’ financial needs, worries, and long-term aspirations are all taken into consideration. Our independent financial advisor representatives provide an exclusive service experience for you.


In the financial services industry, no one else has what we have at Soul Wealthy-Our Human Resource. Our top-notch independent financial advisor representatives are committed and passionate about their work. They keep abreast with the latest financial news and its potential effects. Their expert knowledge coupled with years of industry experience enables them to excel in their financial decision-making. This makes us an organisation of specialists, not generalists.


Rather than representing a business, we act as advocates for the interests of our clients. We are committed to following stringent fiduciary standards and maintaining professional ethics. No bank or financial institute owns us. We represent you!


While others are busy selling, we are busy serving the best interests of our clients. Our relationship with you is based on trust. Our conscientious independent financial advisor representatives are competent, purposeful, and organised and are always ready to serve you!

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