We believe that the Wealth Journey — the journey to financial freedom — comprises three key components, interlocked in an infinity loop.

Wealth Journey

Generation for Generations

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At Soul Wealthy, we believe in giving our clients full control over their wealth management and retirement planning journey.

The Road to Financial Freedom

The road to financial freedom is different for everyone, even if we share the same destination.

This is why our independent financial advisor representatives always take the time to understand each client’s financial goals before carefully tailoring a plan for them.

We encourage our clients to adopt an objective approach when they join hands with us to begin their journey to financial freedom. We encourage our clients to start at the end:

What Financial Goals Do You Want To Reach And By When? What is the Best Investment Plan?

Our question is motivated by the fact that time is relative to speed—the shorter our time horizon, the faster we must travel. This helps us figure out which types of financial vehicles are best for each of our clients, considering their risk appetite and other factors.

Depending on where you are at right now, we can help you accelerate your journey towards financial freedom.

This is an illustrative scenario of a working adult earning a gross monthly salary of $3,500. Based on an assumed investment return of 7% per annum, it would take 5, 8 or 16 years at a savings rate of 50%, 30% or 10% of the salary, respectively, to accumulate $100,000.


We believe that our financial advisor representatives in Singapore can help you navigate the wealth journey perceptively. Our responsibility lies in helping you navigate the infinitely intertwined key components of assets, financial independence, retirement and lifestyle.

Our journey comprises four phases.

PHASE 1: Wealth Protection

Protecting your wealth is an important component of your holistic financial plan. A well-known insurance protection solution can help you bounce back when you have problems that aren’t planned for, like impairments, job loss, disability, or death. This can help you manage your financial risks.

PHASE 2: Wealth Accumulation

The accumulation of wealth is a planned and disciplined process of amassing assets in order to achieve specific and meaningful objectives. This is when the expert knowledge of our financial advisor representatives in Singapore comes in handy. With the correct investment planning, we could find channels for your money to grow over time.

PHASE 3: Wealth Enjoyment

Having a map to help you through the milestones that are important to you will make achieving your objectives much easier. Whether you want to increase your wealth or enjoy your future retirement, our strategically focused 4 Tap Strategy can get you there.

PHASE 4: Wealth Distribution

Your money may enable you to do the greater good in the world. Whether you want to fund education, provide care for family members, or make philanthropic contributions, we can assist you in giving generously.

Wealth Protection

Protecting ourselves with insurance solutions is essential because our ability to generate income is our most valuable asset.

Wealth Accumulation

Ensuring that our wealth is working hard to generate more money for us through investments.

Wealth Enjoyment

Enjoying a comfortable retirement lifestyle with our 4 Taps Strategy providing diversified passive streams of income.

Wealth Distribution

Whether it’s making a positive difference or leaving a legacy, you can distribute your wealth based on your values and beliefs.