Financial Advisory Director


  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning


  • Licensed Financial Advisor Representative
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  • Associate Specialist in Estate Planning (ASEP®)
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®)
  • Society of Trust and Estate Planners (STEP) Certificate for Financial Services – Singapore (Trust & Estate Planning) – Top of Class 2016


Kok Chin is our Financial Advisory Director and founder. He left a high-paying corporate job in financial services to pursue his passion for helping people with independent financial advice. This is his story.

The Jet-Setting

Client: Alex Tay & Delia Seow
Goal: Retirement planning

A Moderated
Risk Approach

Client: Chin Kin Yong
Goal: Retirement planning

It’s Never Too
Late to Start

Client: Janet Eng
Goal: Retirement planning

Laying the Foundation: A Strong Start in Finance
Before stepping into the Financial Advisory scene, Kok Chin was a Senior IT Analyst for GIC Private Limited, one of the largest sovereign wealth management firms in the world with over US$100 billion worth of investment in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Having spent seven years analysing business requirements and designing financial reports, Kok Chin became a meticulous planner known for his ability to pre-empt unforeseen circumstances through careful contingency plans. He is detail-oriented, analytical and works well and stays focused even under pressure.

Questioning His Lifestyle: Turning Independent Financial Advisor Representative
While he enjoyed a rewarding career at GIC, Kok Chin began questioning his lifestyle. The job required him to work closely with partners in different time zones. He found himself on standby around the clock to ensure that the critical systems he was in charge of were up and running. It was a high-stress environment with tight turnarounds. His health began to suffer.

When Kok Chin got married in 2004, his priorities changed. He wondered if his lifestyle was sustainable in the long term as he struggled with work-life balance and family commitment. He also became increasingly concerned with job security — could he maintain his current pace of work as he grew older? — and desired greater control over his retirement. The more he pondered, the more uncertain he felt.

Kok Chin has always been interested in wealth planning and was already the go-to person for financial advice in his circle of friends. In 2006, he decided to take control of his future by becoming an independent financial advisor representative.

Taking a Leap of Faith: The Founding of Soul Wealthy
By 2015, after almost ten years of independent experience, Kok Chin founded Soul Wealthy with a group of like-minded consultants. Harnessing everyone’s unique experiences and financial expertise, they dedicated themselves to helping their clients generate, accumulate and preserve wealth through life’s different stages.

Through Soul Wealthy, Kok Chin is pursuing his passion for helping people achieve financial freedom through effective wealth management and retirement planning. It gives him great satisfaction to know that the financial plans he designed will provide for them now and into the future.

At the heart of his work is his ability to earn the trust of his clients. Many of them turn to him for advice on important decisions like buying a property, starting a business venture and deciding when to retire.

“I vividly remember one of my clients’ children thanking me when I helped his father comfortably retire after a lifetime of using discount coupons for groceries. After our retirement planning exercise, he actually realised that he is able to spend a little more on his family and himself.”

Kok Chin’s promise to his clients is to always deliver unbiased, independent and honest advice to help them achieve financial freedom, retire worry-free, and leave behind a legacy for their future generations. To do so, he constantly upgrades his financial knowledge in insurance, investment and estate planning to ensure he has the latest knowledge to guide his clients through the different stages of their life.

To Kok Chin, financial planning is…

  1. A way of helping people who are in debt break out of the vicious cycle of poverty
  2. A means to achieving financial freedom for people, regardless of the size of their pay cheque, so they enjoy a dignified retirement
  3. A method to accumulate sizable wealth in a lifetime and while becoming a spark for their future generations by leaving behind a legacy

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