Rediscovering the Starting Point

Client: Ashley Teo Yi Lin
Goal: Retirement planning

“I have always wanted to start planning for my retirement so I’ve been researching online, mostly on social media and financial websites. I never knew what to do and how to start. There were so many investments and saving plans out there. Unclear about which to pick, I just stuck with the regular savings plan I had with the bank.”

Ashley was aware that to be able to retire, she would need to have her retirement finances well planned out. So, she would spend hours online, researching and reading local financial blogs and forums to look for ways to accumulate wealth. She found many suggestions, ranging from different types of savings plans offered by financial firms to different trading and investing methods, but she never knew who to trust or which platforms to use.

Unclear and uncertain about her future, Ashley approached Soul Wealthy. During the Wealth Journey, Alvin explained to her that the interest rates offered by banks were too low to beat inflation in the long term. Instead of leaving most of her savings in the bank, he recommended investments to hedge against inflation.

“Alvin was very patient and did not rush me into getting any plans. We met for a few more times before I decided on a plan that I was comfortable with. He also accommodated to my availability for appointments. He is always friendly, very willing to listen and cleared my doubts on the investments.” 

Aside from protecting against inflation, Alvin also suggested plans that were suitable for young adults like her after understanding her financial status.

“He showed me that investments can be rewarding if managed well. He was very transparent during the investment process and taught me how to check and always have up-to-date information on how my portfolio is performing.” 

With Alvin’s guidance, Ashley started investing and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Because she had a diversified and well-balanced portfolio, she did not suffer any losses during the market decline caused by the pandemic. This is important for Alvin, as during periods of uncertainty with businesses closing, people may be afraid to start or continue investing.

Alvin uses his knowledge as an independent financial advisor representative to clients like Ashley achieve their financial goals regardless of macroeconomic factors. In fact, by following Soul Wealthy’s proven wealth accumulation strategies, Ashley is already confidently working towards her planned retirement.

If you would like Alvin to assist you with your retirement planning needs, contact us now.