A Big Family to Care For

Client: Khoo Kay-Tek
Goal: Retirement planning, estate planning

“As a business owner, I understand the importance of proper financial planning as having the appropriate insurance can help provide my family with financial security if anything happens to me. But I never had the time to figure out the right coverage for my family.”

Khoo Kay-Tek is a successful business owner in his late 40s. As the head of a family of six, he needs to ensure that they would be well taken care of if anything untold were to happen to him or his earning power. In addition to financial protection, Kay-Tek also wanted an independent financial advisor who could handle estate planning for him.

When Kay-Tek first met Kelvin, it was through a mutual friend — she eventually became his wife. With the responsibilities of a family on his shoulder, and as he progressed through life, he decided it was time to relook insurance coverage and protection for his entire family. He turned to Kelvin.

By using Soul Wealthy’s Wealth Journey checklist, Kelvin consolidated Kay-Tek’s current policies, which were mainly for himself, not his family. From there, Kelvin was able to assess and identify the protection gaps.

“I wanted to be able to ensure that my family’s medical and hospitalisation needs were addressed and covered. Kelvin asked some key questions pertaining to the type of care I wanted and proposed several policies for me to pick, which was very helpful.”

As a busy business owner, Kay-Tek appreciated how organised and detailed Kelvin was. All the necessary documents were prepared and explained in detail, which helped Kay-Tek understand the policies that Kelvin had shortlisted for him. All he needed to do was decide and sign on the dotted line.

Kay-Tek also liked that Kelvin structured his proposal according to his objectives, with every plan like hospitalisation and retirement policies organised by objective and summarised with simple and easy-to-understand pointers.

Being an independent financial advisor representative, Kelvin has access to a wider range of financial instruments to better meet the needs of diverse clients. This allows him to be a one-stop solution provider, which is not only more convenient for his clients but also more holistic in his service.

With the right coverage in place, Kelvin continues to check in on Kay-Tek several times a year. This is something Kay-Tek really appreciates as he has experience with independent financial advisor representatives who vanish after he signed up for the policy.

“I am happy that Kelvin takes the time and effort to update me regularly and check on my policies up to 2 to 3 times a year. I would be happy to introduce my friends and family to him as he is responsible and trustworthy!” 

If you would like Kelvin to assist you with your retirement and estate planning needs, contact us now.